Jaspro Services - Residential Cleaning
Jaspro Services - Residential Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Guests, kids, pets and everyday foot traffic takes a toll on your carpets. The accumulated dust, dirt, pet dander make your carpets look matted, flat and the colours dull.

Dirty carpets, besides looking unappealing, can also reduce the quality of air in your home. Children and those with sensitivities can have allergic reactions to dust and dust mites in the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning by Jaspro

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose Jaspro to Clean Your Carpet

We have certified carpet cleaning staff who have the know-how to do a thorough cleaning of your carpet:

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We serve clients from Halifax / Dartmouth area; Lunenburg, Queens and Shelburne Counties of Nova Scotia.

Offices: Brooklyn and Halifax, NS

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