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Jaspro Services - Residential Cleaning

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Has this happened to you? You plan a great weekend at the cottage with family and friends, only to discover upon your arrival that someone has broken into your cottage. Or perhaps an unwelcome animal has moved into your cottage.

Take advantage of our Jaspro Property Check Services and you will avoid these "surprises."

Property Check Inspections

You can choose weekly, bi-monthly or monthly cottage inspections. During each visit, our professional team will conduct a thorough on-site check of your premises. We will check for:


If we encounter any problems, we will:

An added bonus: Regular inspections means problems are identified quickly, helping to mimimize damage and repair costs.

Many insurance policies require regular property check-ups during the owner’s absence.  We encourage you to check with your insurer, and then ask us how we can help.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cottage property is being well cared for while you are away.

Request our Property Check Information Sheet

To receive the information sheet, please contact us: 902.350.2929 or email: barry@jaspro.ca

Storm Watch

An Exclusive Service for our Jaspro Property Check Clients

Storm Watch is our extra eye on your cottage after an extreme storm.  We will re-visit your cottage at no extra cost to see if there was any damage caused by Mother Nature.


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