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Jaspro Services

About Jaspro Services

Jaspro was established in 2004 by Jason and Sherri Elliott. The business continues to operate in the Liverpool area of Nova Scotia.

In the beginning, Jaspro was a cleaning company, providing both commercial and residential services. Since then Jaspro has expanded significantly, and now operates seven business lines:

  • residential, industrial and commercial cleaning
  • wholesale sales of janitorial, food service packaging, shipping and safety products
  • property maintenance
  • cottage care
  • local moving and delivery
  • asbestos, mould and lead remediation
  • facility maintenance

Today, Jaspro Services proudly employs 40 people, serving clients on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Jaspro Services warehouse and office on Innovation Drive, Port Mersey Commercial Park, Queens County, Nova Scotia

Our warehouse and office on Innovation Drive, Port Mersey Commercial Park, Queens County, Nova Scotia.



Jaspro Services is a member of the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association (NSCSA), and holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from NSCSA.

Jaspro Services is registered under the Public Works and Government Services Controlled Goods Program.

Our Staff

Our staff are well-trained in effective cleaning techniques and safe work practices. You can count on our polite and honest technicians to be thorough, and dedicated. We all take pride in a job well done!

All our Jaspro staff:

Introducing …

Barry Tomalin

Barry Tomalin, President

Jaspro Staff

  • Andrew Corkum
  • Anne-Marie Scott
  • Bethany Foote
  • Catherine Mansfield
  • Cheryl Beaton
  • Cindy Cottreau
  • Cory Hubley
  • Douglas Wamboldt
  • Felicia Roy-Fisher
  • Gary Thorburne
  • Glenwood Croft
  • Issa Rosenthal
  • Jaime Richardson


  • Keali Clattenburg
  • Kevin Thorburne
  • Kim Whynot
  • Lamar Richardson
  • Philip Thorburne
  • Roger Croft
  • Stephanie Lowe
  • Steve Oliver
  • Todd Whynot
  • Vanessa Lowe
  • Walter Wolfe
  • Yvonne Wolfe

Innovation Avenue leading to our Office and Warehouse

Innovation Avenue, Port Mersey Commercial Park, leading to our Office and Warehouse.

Jaspro Phone Number 902.356.2592

Jaspro Cell Number 902.354.8425

TF 1.833.356.2592

Our Guarantee

Jaspro - Our Guarantee - 100% Satisfaction

Free Estimates

Got a job you want done? Call us to discuss your needs. We are happy to provide a cost estimate - at no charge.

Our Service Area

We serve clients on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, from Woods Harbour, Shelburne County to Hubbards.

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